Paul Bergin January 2015


Paul has had a passion for art since childhood. In his teenage years he was a graffiti artist and went on to study art and graphic design at college in the  90’s. In 2005 he returned to college  and completed a H.N.D in Multimedia; from this he discovered how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. He currently works as a Graphic Designer for Brentwood Community Print and intends to spend his spare time perusing  his love for art as a side-line. Paul mainly paints with Acrylics and tends to thin them down to use in a similar  way to watercolours. He will lay down a base colour and then build up with different washes of watered down acrylic. He paints with traditional brushes, but also likes to experiment by painting with sponges and even a toothbrush. Most of his abstract art is minimal and he aims to capture a calming atmosphere in his work. His tastes range from Abstract Art to Street Art and one of his main influences is Turner.
“My art is great  for expressing myself  and it relaxes me.”

​This is the first time that Paul has shown a collection of his work in any one place..  as is the case with all the amateur artist who show their works​, all paintings are  for sale.  These is some of the most unusual ​ ​Paintings  we have shown   so far​