Liselotte Andersson September 2013

This month we are lucky enough to have an opportunity to show the  photographic work of Liselotte “Lisa” Andersson

Lisa is a young lady from Sweden who moved to England and chose Shenfield as her home town 2 years ago to live with her English partner.

Her passion for photography started 10 years ago when on impulse she bought a camera for her holiday

Instantly falling in love with the art form she is never  seen without her camera, carrying it around with her where ever she goes.

“I never know when I am going to come across a good picture and I would hate the fact that I could miss a perfect photo opportunity”

She loves to take photos of all sorts of things but her favourite topic is to walk around a town or city and find new street art such as graffiti and different people in different situations.

A selection of the work we are showing of Lisa’s has been taken in some of the back alleys and side-streets of both Brighton London, but she is also displaying photographs taken in Barcelona and Swedish towms and cities.

Lisa has recently become a mother for the first time so she now has another passionate subject to focus on through her camera lens.

Choosing what to display was a bit of a problem as she brought 30 shots with her, but we managed to whittle it down to 20.

Her work will be displayed until 30th September