How The event works

How Our Events Work

Speed dating  is an opportunity for you to meet singles in your age range and/or interest group in a comfortable, face-to-face environment.
We all know what we want; we would just like the opportunity to find it.

Our evenings are very well structured, while still being casual, relaxed, and fun. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you break out of your shell and just begin having a fantastic evening! First time? Don’t be nervous! There will be plenty of other first-timers at the event too!

At a SpeedDate event…

  • Your event host will welcome at the registration table with a smile and a handshake. He or she will check your name of the guest list and hand you a pen, a match card, and  a “break the ice” card to participate in our ice breaker game to win a free drink.
  • You will then have the option to mingle with other singles and play our ice breaker game, and also to enjoy some of our complimentary appetizers.
  • After the singles mixer ends when the last few guests arrive, you will be personally instructed to your speed dating station.
  • Listen up! It’s now time for the simple instructions of the night and the dating to begin! Be prepared to…

Move, Meet, and Match!

Every five to seven minutes (date length depends on the number of participants), a bell will ring as a signal for the men to move to the next table-for-two. Before beginning your next “date” we give you the opportunity to take notes so that you can remember what you liked in the person you just met. It’s best to take notes while the interaction is still fresh in your mind, rather than trying to recall everything at the end of the event.
We encourage this method because with so many great men and women at the event, it’s important to ensure you have “reminders” so you can choose your matches online. Reminders consist of memorable information about a date. For example, a similar interest you both have, something you notice about the person (does s/he have a nice smile? an awesome laugh? a great joke?).
Remember: Choosing a person as a match is NOT a marriage proposal or signify any type of commitment for a date. It simply indicates that you enjoyed the time spent with that particular date and you would like to speak with them again at a later time.
When all women and men have met, our (optional) closing mixer beings! Be sure to listen to the instructions from the host after the last date. Our closing mixer is simply an open invitation for you to continue hanging out at the venue, enjoy the drink specials (they are good all night for our guests!) and maybe even meet up with some of your dates. There are no computers making match decisions for you, only you, your intuition and the butterflies in your stomach!  You will have the option of taking your match cards home to enter your matches or you could even give them to our host to enter for you. If you choose to enter your own matches:


Only those who expressed interest in you will be considered a match, provided you indicated an interest in them, as well. Once all the attendees have entered their choices into the system (no more than 48 hours after the event), you will receive an email with the names and contact information of your matches. There are no uncomfortable moments to worry about, and no wasted time, just pure FUN!!! You’ll only experience it if you try it!