Forthcoming Events

Thursday 13th June we will be holding another wine tasting Evening hosted by John Kernighan a local wine merchant with many years of experience behind him.  This is the third of many that we intend to hold in the future.  John will bring with him a selection of sparkling, white and red wines for all to taste. We hope to have around 20 people attend. It’s a good evening to come with friend and appreciate nice inexpensive wines without a hard sell.   Friday 16th we are holding a whisky tasting evening with Nish Patel from Shenfield Wine Company.  This will be a real eye opener for me as I can quite happily say I am a complete philistine when it comes to whiskey.  I had a bad experience with Bells when I was 16 and have never been back. Nish is a real enthusiast and intends to bring 6 single malts along with him (English Indian and Scottish ) and this event will be Hosted by William Hutchison from Gordon & MacPhail.  I have been told by the end of the evening I will be converted