Briony Richardson October 2014

This month ​ (october)​  we are lucky enough to have a selection of pencil drawings by Briony Richardson on our walls. Briony lives in Shenfield and is only 17. Having gone to Shenfield High School she has now chosen to study Art and Design at Southend college,  continuing to develop techniques to improve her work. Her preference is to use pencil recreating photographs interpreted in own way, her work is incredibly accurate and captures wonderful lifelike character. She is frequently commissioned to draw family members and friends as my portraits because of the detail and quality showing each person’s expression. Briony will draw anything asked for, including dogs, horses and Still life. The joy is in the challenge.

I can only urge you to come and see Briony’s work this month. It is again a pleasure to be able to show quality local talent.. Some of the work displayed has already been commissioned, but she is always happy to take on new work.. Her prices are keen and reflect the amount of work you would expect her to put in





briony 1