Jon Ladd “Streets Behind Exhibition” January 2012

Shorditch Old lady @ No 3Old lady @ No 3 Pavement Football Police officer & youths Pompordor Harold Hill Woman besides her canal boat Old lady @ No 3Waiting for lunchStreets Behind Exhibition

jon ladd

Streets Behind Exhibition; a collection of photographs taken in the East

End of London, by photographer Jonathan Ladd.

I find the exploration of an unfamiliar place, and watching the people  within it, a past time which allows you to deliver yourself from your normal  life and become an observer in a new world.

As a street photographer I strive to capture powerful images that  encapsulate life, culture and mood as it unfolds in front of me. The resulting  images become the treasures that you can take away with you.

I love looking at photographs of people. You see their situation and  surroundings and you begin to build a relationship with them. You initiate an  understanding, accurate or not, of who they are based on your own life  experiences.

As Magnum Photographer Bruce Gilden once said “I love the people I  photograph… I mean they’re my friends. I’ve never met them… I don’t know them  at all yet through my images I live with them.”

Police officer & youths